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(via zockon) Visvim is a Japanese high-end footwear, apparel, and...

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(via zockon) Visvim is a Japanese high-end footwear, apparel, and...

(via zockon)

Visvim is a Japanese high-end footwear, apparel, and accessories label that is run by its Creative Director Hiruki Nakamura. Visvim is well known as its understated, yet distinct aesthetics and amazing craftsmanship, which provides high quality shoes and products that conform to both design and environmental standards, set by Mr. Nakamura. Mr. Nakamura worked for Burton Snowboards for about 8 years. He accumulated handy experiences and product knowledge through his stay in Burton. As a result, under the similar work ethics, he founded Visvim that commits to providing good quality guaranteed products and using environmentally friendly materials.
Each product made by Visvim is approached as a single entity with a fresh slate. Often, designs are developed through outside influences and things Nakamura has seen. He seeks the advice of his wide range of friends, a community of artists, musicians, writers, and designers to create new ideas. For instance, one of his best friend, Godfather of Japanese street fashion, and loyal Visvim supporter, Hiroshi Fujiwara, usually offers constructive and valuable feedback for brand development.

Visvim later opened its flagship stores called Free International Laboratories, better known as F.I.L in Tokyo, Sendai, Kanazawa, Hiroshima, Kyoto, and Hong Kong. F.I.L is specially designed for customers who pursue purely fundamental and comfortable shopping environment. Visvim products are beautifully showcased in the stores that are music free, harmoniously green, and perfect light-shaded. However, each flagship stores in Japan and Hong Kong were designed uniquely to incorporate different qualities of space using and distinct characteristics.
Visvim’s stockists are around the world including locations in Japan, Italy, France, Germany, Denmark, Spain, UK, Netherland, Sweden, Norway, USA, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand.

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