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The October’s Very Own collective encompasses Drake, Noah “40″...

By :Anwar Washington 0 comments
The October’s Very Own collective encompasses Drake, Noah “40″...

The October’s Very Own collective encompasses Drake, Noah “40″ Shebib and Oliver El-Khatib as it represents the umbrella company to Drake’s various creative projects. In a fashion collaboration, OVO team-up with fellow Canadian entity Canada Goose to create their own version of the popular Chilliwack jacket. Originally conceived as outerwear for Canadian bush pilots, the jacket now incorporates references to the US N-3B Aircrew Heavy Zone jacket as it includes nylon twill satin as well as a coyote firm trim. The jacket is limited to 300 pieces and will retail through Nomad, Nom De Guerre, Nepenthes, colette and Opening Ceremony. A suggested retail price is set at $900 USD. An interview with Oliver El-Khatib can be seen over at GQ with a selection of questions offered below.

What is October’s Very Own? 
OVO is our creative collective. Formed by me, Noah “40″ Shebib, and Drake Graham. The company acts as a hub for all of our endeavors—whether they be music, film, our blog or product collaborations like this one.

How did the connection with Canada Goose come about? Did Drake wear Canada Goose before the collaboration? Did you?
We’ve all worn Canada Goose in the past. It’s really the warmest jacket available and that’s what matters living through Toronto winters. We admire CG’s dedication, standard of quality, patriotism, heritage, and their fifty years in the game. We’re very passionate about product and we take pride in recognizing the best. Between Drake and myself, our paths crossed with the people from CG many times. They recognized that we were young kids who were talented, passionate, and obsessive-compulsive, so it’s been really organic. We’d be wearing Canada Goose regardless, but now we’ve applied our sensibilities to a jacket and we’re wearing them across the world.

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