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@teamepiphany @timberland This coming Fall 2011, we will see this...

By :Anwar Washington 0 comments
@teamepiphany @timberland This coming Fall 2011, we will see this...

@teamepiphany @timberland

This coming Fall 2011, we will see this iconic boot remastered. Timberland will introduce anti-fatigue comfort technology to make the classic 6-Inch boot more comfortable than ever. Inspired by and patterned from the floor mats used to prevent fatigue in industrial work spaces where people stand or walk all day, Timberland pioneered, tested and proven the technology in the Timberland PRO series the past several years. The system of molded, inverted cones in the footbed collapse and return energy in key pressure zones to absorb shock and returns energy to keep feet comfortable all day. This remastering is all internal and keeps the iconic classic exactly the same on the outer profile.

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