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"“TEACH CHILDREN TO WORSHIP SATAN TEE” Never too late to inquire. The concept is ambidextrous. The..."

By :Anwar Washington 0 comments


Never too late to inquire. The concept is ambidextrous. The meaning behind the shirt can work both ways, I’m really interested in the occult. I wanted to convey satanic worship in a different way. Dark figures, Devils and demons etc. is how we usually see this form of worship, The reality is it’s dosen’t have to be an evil thing, some people see “Satan” as just a ruler of the earth we live in, and God a ruler of the “heavens”.. Some cultures worship the Ruler of Earth, as a Harvest god, who brings in the season of rebirth, for life (crops) With the birth of Christianity came the death of “earthly ideals” and ‘Pagan’ ideas like Astronomy, study of the elements, Earth as a god in itself etc. became demonized. With Christianity evolving there had to be a way to convince people, sometimes through force that there is only ONE GOD. Imagine living in a world for thousands of years believing in many differnt gods, reflectin seasons, the earth, the sun, the weather, the star, everything was explained in a story. Then comes a new way of thinking, restricting you to believe in ONE GOD, or suffer in HELL. To me this is wrong. No one really knows for sure, I think it’s a beautiful thing to explain everything around you as a sort of story or poem, that people can interpret the way they choose. I also think the Greeks and Romans were truly free, and had a better understanding of their surroundings than we do now.

People today have a problem with “Too much Jesus” “Too much religion” it leads to division and destruction. So I’m saying, if you hate Jesus so much, get back to the essence and Worship Satan, or Shaitan. After all if you believe the story, Satan was an Angel, Gods right hand man. In Judaism Satan does not make evil, rather points out to God the evil actions of humankind. He is an accuser, not an evil doer. Man is the great criminal.

So yea, Satan. Colorful LETTERS, CHILDREN running around backwards phrases in mirrors, and spining records around to hear coded messages from the Grand Disiple..

- Originally Posted by 5th Column
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