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streetetiquette: Travel Etiquette : Luanda, Angola - Market Life...

By :Anwar Washington 0 comments
streetetiquette: Travel Etiquette : Luanda, Angola - Market Life...


Travel Etiquette : Luanda, Angola - Market Life

Here’s our first video episode on our travels in Angola, it is one out of four 2-3 minute  video episodes we filmed all reflecting on different parts of Angolan culture. This was our first day in Angola, once we boarded off the plane we were thrown right into the mix of things and of course we had no problem with that, putting our passports to work!

We will be featuring a video everyday here on our inspiration page/tumblr until this coming Tuesday where we will premiere everything including photos/videos on our website.

Thanks to the ton of emails we received concerning Travel Etiquette, our time in Angola from people of the country and from individuals who were just curious. We obviously didn’t have the opportunity to respond to everyone but we greatly appreciate the support!

Street Etiquette


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