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rebelsocialitenyc: I can describe Tyga’s “BMF Freestyle” Music...

By :Anwar Washington 0 comments
rebelsocialitenyc: I can describe Tyga’s “BMF Freestyle” Music...


I can describe Tyga’s “BMF Freestyle” Music Video in one word, DOPE! Tyga’s slowly but surely becoming the artist he knew he could be, he’s also slowly turning into the artist that Wayne knew he could be (because after all Wayne signed Tyga to Young Money). Tyga didn’t always have quotable lines in his music, hence anybody remember the song “Coconut Juice!?” After Tyga’s debut album came out to a mild reception, he did what more artists SHOULD do. He took his time, he went back into the kitchen, and he allowed his “music” to cook some more, he seasoned it, he added spices to it & now it’s about to be “Dinner Time” for young Tyga. He’s ready! Tyga’s been perfecting his craft and I can respect that; from hopping on other people’s songs and stealing the show, to releasing a well-received mixtape w/ Chris Brown, to dropping effortlessly cool freestyles like this “BMF Freestyle” Video. I have to admit NO CREW or LABEL is fucking w/ YOUNG MONEY right now! We’ve all witnessed how Wayne’s artistry has matured through out the years….by Wayne murdering the rap game, he raised the bar tremendously, w/ his 2pac like work ethic, his Jay-Z like quotables & his rock star like presence…Wayne paved the way for Drake to come thru and do his thing, Drake paved the way for Nikki to come thru and do her thing and Nikki has paved the way for Tyga to come thru and do his. I’m usually not a gambling man, but if I was, I would ‘bet’ money on Tyga’s success!

best bmf… hands down!

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