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Rawnas Dnim...

By :Anwar Washington 0 comments
Rawnas Dnim...

Trapped inside my mind

All I see is go

focus on my grind

Ain’t got no time for no hoe

Been brushin girls off

but baby I got time for you

left a nigga singular no plural

what’s carrots suppose to do?

keep his mind on what he desire and dreams

Neighborhood & FBT’s

Make sure my brother look up to me

bless his life with prosperity

Pray up… stay up

never get comfy and lay up

keep bad ones that don’t wear no make up

It’s Peas & Carrots til a nigga wake up

cause it feel like a nigga livin’ a dream

APC’s in my inseams

yo girl lettuce beet while she on dat bean

but I fuck first then I pass her to my team

Live & Grow, Arrogant V

Japanese Mags, and MTV 

Travel Channel, Andrew Z

Hotel Britannique (Paris adlib lol)

Busy P La MJC

Step onto Peter St.

Got London hoes all over me

I feel like Professor Oglevee

Minus Ms. Parker, Monique


lol something like that

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