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outbreaksuniverse: So as most of you know, I STAY on...

By :Anwar Washington 0 comments
outbreaksuniverse: So as most of you know, I STAY on...


So as most of you know, I STAY on twitter/facebook ramblin about random shat right.  So I land my spaceship safely back on Quantum Leap territory (my house) and i come back into headquarters and start up my twitter….yea anyways so i was on twitter and my little homie @caseyveggies said some deep shit:

CaseyVeggies    What if Suge would have let Pac drive?

that shit really got me thinking, What if Pac drove that night.  What if Biggie never went to LA, what If Pun watched his health….so many what if’s popped up about music.  What it would be like if Left Eye never got in that car accident….what if that car accident killed kanye?  What if Easy E and ODB didnt have HIV, amongst other things that brought them down.  No its not a black and white thing, its a hip hop thing, its a love for music thing, only someone who really loves this shit, understands what im sayin.  Its not who’s better than who, its about the ultimate goal and thats tell your story while ur here….leaving a legacy behind to keep ur generations moving forward strong…its about the loss of inspiration in music….those were back in the days when hip hop used to inspire me, not because of the beefs, but because they were TALKING ABOUT SOMETHING…yea they had their money cars clothes and hoes types songs, but it wasnt always about that…there was always a story being told in every song.  I miss that in music…then my little homie said that on twitter and it sparked that thought in me.  Would music be better, or would it still be where its at now?…who knows, but it is what it is, right? This dude is nothing but 17 years old and to know more about hip hop than the people in his generation, hell even in MY generation (and im 28 y/o) is inspiring….and he backs his knowledge up in his songs. Check out one of my favs from him over one of my fav MC’s songs “The Panties”….true hip hop heads know exactly where this is from and the way he went over it, he knows his hip hop….im honored to say i’ve worked with who I feel is very much a future impact artist in hip hop.

be sure to check out his site for all his mixtapes and to stay up to date with whats going on with him and follow him on twitter @caseyveggies

His new mixtape “Sleeping In Class” is coming soon

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