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madeincharlie: Streets Is Watching Dame: We just dropped a movie...

By :Anwar Washington 0 comments
madeincharlie: Streets Is Watching Dame: We just dropped a movie...


Streets Is Watching

Dame: We just dropped a movie and a soundtrack to the movie and try to make it happen. We just try to bring that real and the picture correct without the music business gaining it, we just want to keep it right. Nobody did this before. The idea of the movie is being sick of censor all the time and wanted to take matters in our own hands like Roc-A-Fella always does. We sick of these funny videos!.

Jay-Z: I’m here with my man Abdul. He directed the whole joint, i just want ya to know the history, me and this man go back when I ain’t have a distribution deal or anything. This man right here help me out and shoot the video in St.Thomas, we shot a video in Brooklyn by the pier, we shot Dead President.

Abdui: We got 2 number 1 video without a distribution deal!

Jay-Z: Roc got started with me and my man Damon Dash. We found and started Roc-A-Fella out the trunks of our cars. Like I was brining records to Brooklyn and getting $300. Literally. Marcy, Brooklyn. Big ups to Uptown 142nd that’s where Dame is from. But this man right here (Abdul) without him we couldn’t give you the whole visual. We didn’t have that money to be throwing around to these big videos dudes that get $300,000 so they can take $100,000 and really used $10,000 on the video. This man right here (Abdul) kept it real with us and he show us the game, like he just don’t only shoot video he showed us the whole video game. He showed us where the money was going. 

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