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madeincharlie: My Favorite Top 15 Lil Wayne’s Most Quotable: 1....

By :Anwar Washington 0 comments
madeincharlie: My Favorite Top 15 Lil Wayne’s Most Quotable: 1....


My Favorite Top 15 Lil Wayne’s Most Quotable:

1. Cannon (AMG remix) verse.

100,000 for the grill, if I lie I die, Flow sick so sick see the cyanide, And heres my most funniest joke …I’m broke haha!

3. You looking for divine and the little intervention, And them birds don’t fly, without my permission, I’m probably in the sky, flying with the fishes, Or maybe in the ocean, swimming with the pigeons, See my world is different, Like Dwayne Wade, And if you want trouble, bitch, I want the same thing!

4. From The City Where The Judge Throw The Book At Kids, Burna In School In My Bookbag Hid, Talk Stupid At Lunch And We Havin Ya Ribs, If You Are Not Home Then We Havin Ya Kids, And If You Can’t Come Up With Half We’ll Send You Half Of Ya Kid, Back To The Board, An Extravagant Crib, I’m On The Toilet Watchin Martin Just Laughin and shit.

5. And I Keep The Torch Baby Call Me Olympics, Red White Blue Pills Flip My Skills Like Gymnast, And Never Give A Bitch Money Blood Kidneys, When The Gun Goes Pow I Be At The Finish, With A Medal round My Neck Autograph On My Tennis, The Land Of The Murder Dope Crack And Surenges, Pull Up On You In The Coupe How Fat Is Your Engine? ..Never Talk To Those That Sat On The Benches Noooo!

6. I Just Bought A Pint And Ain’t No one Of You all Sipping, Make My Friends Buy They Own Shit I’m Tired Of Being Friendly, You Ain’t Gotta Lie Just To Try To Be With Me, Got Bitches Up In Heaven Waiting That Died To Be With Me, I’m Crazy For Being Wayne Or Is Wayne Just Crazy?

7. Even Deaf Bitches Say Hi To Me, She Tell The Blind Bitches She Say I Gotta See Young Carter Darling Understand I Am Micheal Jordan Balling!

 8. And the women say damn, them niggas don’t say a damn thing, Boy I bet that shotty make you bounce like a bed-spring, Walkin a thin line, gotta defend mine, And wit no pen I’m sorta like a bomb BOOM, Young tune, yea that’s what my people call me, 50 thousand for the cross, trying keep the reaper off me, I drink a lotta syrup, bitches say I’m sleep walkin, Big money for the grill, so I’m never cheap talking, yea!, Keep talking and the flame leap off the hip, And keep sparking, pap! pap! sleep softly, Yea, nap nap, nap sack, 3-40’s Like fuck another nigga, nigga just don’t be da target, Young New Orleans nigga, nigga just don’t be retarded, We done lost everything and you looking like a bargainnnn.

9. I’m fly in the sky like that muthafuckin ribbon, Bitches got my name on em, and the nigga still living!, Spend a condo and a club, one bottle won’t doTwo bottles won’t do, bottles for the whole crew, ..thanks!

10. You know I’ma ball ‘til they turn off the field lights, the fruits of my labor, I enjoy ‘em while they still ripe, bitch, stop playing, I do it like a king do, if these niggas animals, then I’ma have a mink soon

11. Young Money lay em down like old folks,You coming with it, we coming for it, Plenty to go around, now watch the money orbit, Real shit people, now just absorb it, I try to pay attention but ya’ll mad boring, And I got so much swag I need an ad for it, And I don’t like to brag so my bitches brag for me!

12. Holla at ya motherfuckin boy J.R., Birdman my pa bitch ball bred born rich, Dear Mr. Toilet I’m the shit, Got these other haters pissed cause my toilet paper thickI know, but trip and that forty make a chip, Out a potato head wimp, and like ranch I dip!

13. (Sportcenter )

14. Hollygrove ain’t no muthafuckin Melrose, Hollywood ain’t no muthafuckin Hollygrove, They could find yo ass Monday in yo friday clothes!

15. Big money in this bitch if you didn’t knew, Big business minus the business suit.Even I look in the mirror like is it you? And I say I must be the hottest if it isnt you, Stay fresh from my top to my tennis shoes, New coup, no top, big tennis shoes, Never slipped, not even on the side of a swimming pool, We don’t get rid of Q, We get rid of fools, They said I couldn’t play football I was too small, They say I couldn’t play basketball I wasn’t tall, They say I couldn’t play baseball at all, And now everyday of my life I ball!

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