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madeincharlie: Blast From The Past: Hip Hop Summit 2001 The goal...

By :Anwar Washington 0 comments
madeincharlie: Blast From The Past: Hip Hop Summit 2001 The goal...


Blast From The Past: Hip Hop Summit 2001

The goal of the industry-wide program is to provide artists with an opportunity to enhance and ensure their personal and professional development in the entertainment industry. Under the program, each artist will be assigned a personal and professional mentor, a career development coach, private educational tutoring and financial planning.

Starting at Columbia University, under the direction of Manning Marable, Cornel West and Michael Eric Dyson, a forum will be established to engage in an ongoing dialog with the intellectual community around questions on the impact of hip-hop culture and music on the global community. ”In It’s infancy, hip-hop was doubted and ridiculed, but today hip-hop is full grown, worldwide, the voice, lifestyle and leader of youth from New York to Toronto to Tokyo to Johannesburg” Puff says. 

”Throughout American history, the young and creative culture has always been accused crossing the line. Wether it was writing of Mark Twain or musical genres like blues, jazz, and rock & roll, when we look at these form of expression in retrospect, we see they weren’t bad at all. In fact, such expression has proven to be the most profound catalyst realizing the American promise.” Simmons says.

Nation Of Islam leader Farrakhan, who chaired the conflict resolution discussions at the summit, encouraged hip-hop artists to lead by their words and deeds. At a Manhattan hotel, ”The gun didn’t get you the following, It was the words that got you your following. The youth is manifested of wickedness of their parents, their teachers, the judges, the politicians. You talk about gangsta’ lyrics. You are literally showing aspects of a government that is gangsta’, tells you that you should smoke a leader that they disagree with. What society wants to do with young people is to break the mirror rather than take a look at it and clean itself up” 


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