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madeincharlie: Birdman Present ”Uptown”: I don’t know where...

By :Anwar Washington 0 comments
madeincharlie: Birdman Present ”Uptown”: I don’t know where...


Birdman Present ”Uptown”: I don’t know where Forbes get that shit from. I’m valued at more than $100 million That’s a low number for a nigga like me, but it’s cool though. Uptown.-The Birdman

1. Uptown Cobbin, Uptown rockin, We uptown niggas.

2. Uptown my hood show you what we living like, That’s uptown energy nigga.

3. Uptown soldier with money to the ceiling.

4. Uptown, N.O to be the Capo.

5. She know I’m from Uptown, Shawty what it do baby.

6. I’m a uptown solider, Know how I roll her, Money go get her, MLB all over.

7. Born rich, born Uptown, Born to win.

8. Militant minded, Uptown soldier, you have been blinded. (Personal favorite)

9. Uptown soldier know how I roller, Brought a tour overseas now she all over.

10. Mo hustlin’ mo hustle not Uptown, Puttin’ down world wide nigga gettin’ down.

11. Yea Birdman,Let’s go,Rock with me,Uptown, We in the buildin’ baby, Ocean city view, Swagged out, Big money partner.

12. We be riding drops tops that’s just how we rock, And I’ll be rollin in the phantom through my Uptown blocks.

13.Uptown putting It down, blowin out the pound, Duffle bag full of cash when I come around.

14. Look, it’s Sunday, we in the hood gettin’ our groove on, Every nigga Uptown gotta have they tool on.

15. We Uptown, we gon’ ride ‘til we die nigga, We stay fresh, get money stay fly nigga.

And a million more playboy..

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