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madeincharlie: ALL GONE 2013: Ain’t Shit Funny ”Chief Wahoo”...

By :Anwar Washington 0 comments
madeincharlie: ALL GONE 2013: Ain’t Shit Funny ”Chief Wahoo”...


 ALL GONE 2013: Ain’t Shit Funny ”Chief Wahoo”

Created by Joshton Peas, co-founder of Peas And Carrots International, the Ain’t Shit Funny brand is fast becoming known for it’s humorous and intelligent re-interpretentions of popular culture iconography. As part of its Holiday 2013 collection, the witty label designed a t-shirt re-purposing the infamous and controversial logo of the Cleveland Indians, which has been topic of much debate since it debut in 1947. Known for it’s cartoonish style with a red face and huge smile, Chief Wahoo was created by Walter Goldbach’s to ”convey a spirit of pure joy and unbridled enthusiasm,”  but not so humorous was their interpretation, which chose to take a bleak approach to the logo re-imagining the native American with a straight face instead of his usual smile. The t-shirt was released exclusively online in limited numbers on their company website and at the Peas And Carrots flagship in Los Angeles, funny thing was it sold out immediately. 

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