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It’s official: Marc by Marc Jacobs will be no more. The little...

By :Anwar Washington 0 comments
It’s official: Marc by Marc Jacobs will be no more. The little...

It’s official: Marc by Marc Jacobs will be no more. The little sister line founded by Jacobs and his business partner, Robert Duffy, in 2001 will be folded into the main line, Marc Jacobs, to provide customers a more thorough and coherent retail experience—and potentially help boost the Marc Jacobs brand’s status for an IPO that looms in the future.

While the concept is simple—closing a diffusion line to make the main brand stronger—many are still wondering how the decision will play out. CEO Sebastian Suhl told WWD that Marc Jacobs would still produce items at the contemporary and luxury price points, while looking to flesh out the middle area—low three-digit pricing—as well. The fate of the brand’s MBMJ stores is still unclear. Some will likely turn into Marc Jacobs stores, while Suhl insinuated to WWD that other options, like growing the Bookmarc business, might be in the works.

The decision to shutter the MBMJ line comes just three seasons after Katie Hillier and Luella Bartley were appointed creative director and womenswear design director, respectively. The duo’s appointment and fun, Instagram-ready shows had greatly increased press for the MBMJ brand, with many speculating that a position at the expanded Marc Jacobs is in the works for Hillier. Bartley’s status remains unclear.

Other changes include Duffy stepping back from day-to-day operations at the house and an increased investment from LVMH. Sources confirmed to the trade publication that LVMH had increased its investment in Marc Jacobs so that it owns 80 percent of the business, with Duffy and Jacobs splitting the remaining 20 percent equally. Suhl will spearhead the brand’s growth efforts, while Duffy will remain on the board of Marc Jacobs.

Representatives at Marc Jacobs declined to comment further on any changes.

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