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[Illusion], our first collaboration with Taiwanese artist COLASA....

By :Anwar Washington 0 comments
[Illusion], our first collaboration with Taiwanese artist COLASA....

[Illusion], our first collaboration with Taiwanese artist COLASA. I have been a fan of his artwork for years, working together was something I had envisioned for a while now. For those who know of his work, and for those of you who don’t, take a minute to read the interview and prepare yourselves for our next project coming soon, Location: Taipei.

Happy Easter.


What do you want people to take from your art?

I hope the style of the piece can be enough of a signature.I don't 
purposely try to convey anything with my piece; I just express myself with my creation.
It’s important that the work demonstrates the personality of it’s creator.
Personality is usually the most important factor of any artistic creation.I hope my art can bringa spirit to show my personal image.

What inspires you?

They come from spontaneous ideas, and everything around my life.

What inspired the art for this collaboration?

I still continued the creation of past features, it would be more focus on the atmosphere as completed . The main theme of Jesus head, the most important is to convey the impression that the image is more important. I hope to give relatively deep. More serene visual senses in fact, does not represent any religion or belief.

When you say art is a reflection of your personal image… How do you view yourself?

I always free in my mind to do anything, I wish I can do my creation by casual attitude ,flow and just be myself.

How has living in Taiwan affected your art?

It will be hard to develop into a profession in Taiwan, and not enough people are involved in doing graffiti. So l mainly know other artists or news from Internet and books and I try to improve myself by any innovation idea.

What is your main goal in life?

I don’t have the idea particularly about my main goal, I may have some dreams about the future, but for the real goal, I should only hope to hold the moment, I want to enjoy free life, I have a lot of plans that I would like to be able to achieve, but right now I still like best about the artistic creation.


How do you feel about Jesus Christ?

I have read many story about Jesus Christ before, I know many people like the Jesus Christ as the subject of art, Jesus was like a symbol of the spirit for me. The Strength of spirit is very strong, will change people’s mind and even spiritual, and sometimes do not have to sound loud, but people really understand what you want to convey the sound or feel the force is strong.


What comes to mind when you think of 5th Column?

If only literally of 5th Column, I was no concept. I know 5th 
Column from the site. Then I know it seems to convey the concept of 
evil or the dark side , I was impressed for the website pictures.


Questions: Geoffrey Beans
Colasa [Illusion] will release with 5th Column IV [Reign of Terror]

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