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HAIR TALK: Anwar Carrots

By :Anwar Washington 0 comments
HAIR TALK: Anwar Carrots


I was recently able to catch up with Mr. Carrots himself and talk about those notorious dreadlocks of his…

illy (iL): So now that Peas & Carrots is conquering the world one day at a time when are you dropping some hair products or synthetic dreads?
(you know P&C could be taking the hair market by storm lol)

Anwar Carrots (AC): Mann, I would love to do products. Their is actually a brand I would fuck with too. Jamaican Mango and Lime is the line of products for natural hair. My mother is actually the spokesperson for the brand. Got madd products at the crib and she’s actually on one of the spray bottles.

iL: How does it feel to know your hair has taken on a life of its own, and has a fan base?

AC: That shit wavy. Had to keepp that answer discreet.

iL: So what inspired you to start your dreads? (family, Rastafari, friends, just liked the look etc.)How long have you had them?

AC: Had my dreads since I was 6 months old. No real inspiration in that hahaha. My dad just wanted his son to have dreads I guess. Really had no kind of choice but I love my hair. I always kept my hair shoulder length. I’ve been letting my hair grow though, no cuts. Want to see if I can get my shit to my back then trim my shit again.

iL: How does it feel to know you have girls all over the world wishing they could play in your hair?(I’ve heard this come out a hand full of girls mouths lol watch out)

AC: I appreciate it hahaha, but it just makes me think, “this brawd only around me cause of my dreads.” Makes me think of that new Dom Kennedy song “She Ain’t In Love” from the WSII

iL: Are there any hair products you cant live without?

AC: Aveda Tea Tree Shampoos, natures blessing grease, and Jamaican Mango and Lime’s Island Oil to name a few.

iL: Ever tasted a hair product because it smelled so good? (lol had to ask i know to many people that are guilty of this)

AC: Hahaha I’ve had thoughts about it, but naw I haven’t eaten any hair products.

iL: What’s your favorite part about getting your dreads re-twisted? Is your color natural?

AC: My favorite part about getting my hair re-twisted is getting under the dryer. I like to get it over with and keep pushing. Yes, this is my natural color hair.

 iL: Weirdest hair encounter or comment?

AC: Anwar Robinson from American Idol hit me on twitter to ask me if Tyler, The Creator was referring to him or me on Yonkers from the Goblin album. Check my favorite tweets. Haha

iL: In your opinion… what’s the Waviest hair style on a female? Y or N to weaves?

AC: Waviest hair style for woman to me would have to be natural. I love chicks with that natural curly hair in a pony tail or a bun. I’m not a fan of weaves but I’m not tripping off that nah mean.

iL: Have you considered cutting your dreads or come close to cutting them?

AC: No

iL: Your Favorite thing about your dreads?

AC: My favorite thing about my hair would have to be the texture… Wavy

iL: Any last words for those who are attempting to start dreads just like yours?

AC: Go to my mother:

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