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For supporters of LA Hip-Hop, Tuesday was a night to celebrate as...

By :Anwar Washington 0 comments
For supporters of LA Hip-Hop, Tuesday was a night to celebrate as...

For supporters of LA Hip-Hop, Tuesday was a night to celebrate as 3 kings took the stage for the West Coast leg of the Fader curated, “Uncapped Live” concert.

The fourth in the series of Vitamin Water sponsored events that have already touched down in Phoenix, New York and ATL, saw the new youngest in charge, Casey Veggies, Leimert Park’s Dom Kennedy and Gary, Indiana transplant Freddie Gibbs take the stage for a night filled with good music, free drinks and West Coast unity. With a line that stretched around the corner, the free attendees that arrived early were treated to an opening set from LA Leakers’ DJ Sourmilk before 17 year old, Casey Veggies took the stage.

Like a vet three times his age, the young gunner commanded the crowd as he ripped though classic bars, most contained on his December 2010 release, Sleeping in Class. While you might think the coveted slot on the bill should go to an MC with more time behind the mic, Casey proves he’s deserving of the new light shining on him.

“It’s a blessing. I feel like I represent LA, the right way. I’ve been out here, locally for like 4 or 5 years probably. Just fact that we here now in this position, 17 years old, to be one of the dudes to represent it. It’s a blessing to be in this position. But I’m just staying focused. No excuses. Never using the age as an excuse. Just trying to like stay ahead pretty much.”

Blazing through his 20 minute set, Casey concluded the night with a surprise appearance from the leader of hip hop’s newest “it” crew, Tyler The Creator of OFWGKTA. With every bit of enthusiasm he’s know for, Tyler rips through the duo’s track “DTA”, before exiting stage just as manically as he arrived.

Next to hit the stage was the newest star from the west, Dom Kennedy. With his last two releases,From The Westside with Love and The Original Dom Kennedy dubbed classics by the very fans in attendance; Dom gracefully runs through choice selections that made him the stand out lyricist he’s known to be. As a showcase of what’s new and next for hip hop, we spoke to Dom about one of the MC’s he’s actually inspired, stage mate, Casey Veggies.

“Casey Veggies is a guy from LA, a kid from LA I’ve worked with a couple times actually" Dom told MTV. “So I have a real close relationship with Casey, been watching him grow up as an artist and as a local hip hop guy. I really feel like he’s on the verge of just getting that national, his name out there on a national [level]. He started young, and this aint his first time hitting the stage so I feel like he has an advantage because in a couple years he’s going to be able to use all that experience to his advantage.

With the night almost done and the crowd sufficiently buzzed, the stage was set for Indiana’s finest to take charge. Currently on the road with Big K.R.I.T and Smoke DZA for “The Return of 4Eva Tour,” Freddie took the L.A. break to come through and show love to the home that’s adopted him.

“I’ve been doing my thing out here in LA for about 4-5 years now and you know, just to be accepted in the scene is good for me, it’s good for my region as well, so it just shows that both regions have that camaraderie and they in tune with what I’m talking about musically.”

The one time Interscope signee breezed through classics like, Highway to HellFace Down,National Anthem and The Ghetto. Freddie’s rapid fire delivery is as on point today as ever and for those still unfamiliar, they can get a bar when his album, Baby Faced Killa drops later this year.

“I’m just throwing records in the pot” said Gibbs. “I’m gonna pick out the best 13. I’m about to put out ‘A Cold Day In Hell’ first. That’s gonna be the mixtape I’m about to drop. That’s going to be like, gonna be pretty offensive to some people, some rappers and stuff like that, but they’ll get over it. We about to drop that, it’s gonna be a big surprise on that you know what I mean. I’m bout to take a new step and do some new things. I got some things in the works. I don’t take a day of this for granted.

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