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elmsters: Anyone who follows my blog knows how big of a fan of...

By :Anwar Washington 0 comments
elmsters: Anyone who follows my blog knows how big of a fan of...


Anyone who follows my blog knows how big of a fan of the “40 oz. Van” collection I am. 

Living in NYC, urban fashion is always something that is being talked about in the streets. What’s hot and what’s not, what’s flamboyant and what’s just plain. 

If you’re from the city, you know all about the “40 Oz” events of the summer time at Riverside Park in Washington Heights. Where homies of ALL races and shapes come to drink a “40” and kick it. It’s a time of peace and celebration. It reminds EVERYONE that in an area of the city where hatred and violence overflow the streets, that a series of events can bring so many different walks of life together. The people there can relate to the struggle. Any time you think you have it tough, take a sip of that 40, look at the homie next to you, and know that he/she has been through hell and back- just like you. 

The “40 oz. Vans” snapback collection has taken the streets of NY and LA by storm. While you can only find them in 6 retail spots in the country, it is worth heading to the website and checking them out.

I personally own all of the ones that are sold to the public and could not be more proud to represent my city in such a fashionable iconic way.


Casey Veggies is an up and coming rapper in the game but far from a rook. Although he is only 19, young Veggies has been in the game since 07’. His ability to combine his impecable flow with a signature style “west coast” beat on all his tracks have all signs pointing for Casey to be the next big thing in the game. For those unfamiliar with Casey’s work, I like to compare him to LA’s version of Joey Bada$$ of Pro Era. While Joey and Casey have VERY different styles, they are both very young and taking the rap game by storm. In my personal opinion, they are the 2 most talented young rappers in the game BY FAR. 

Casey made an appearance at “The Good Company” in Soho. Two blocks away from the Williamsburg bridge. He did a “meet and greet” with all the fans who wished to meet the young artist and did not say “no” to ANY photo opps. A true professional.

Accompanied by his long time best friends “Anwar Carrots” and “Joshton Peas,” the trio has formed an urban clothing company known as “Peas and Carrots International.” 

In the streets of Los Angeles, the company’s intuitive designs have taken the streets by storm, and with Casey and company in NYC; this gave Joel Fuller (40 oz. Van) and PNCINTL a chance to collaborate on a one of a kind snapback. 

“The Good Company” on Allen St. was the only place to find the limited edition snapback, and in my opinon is THE single best collaboration by two of the hottest urban fashion designers’ in the world. I was lucky enough to grab one. I would have bought the whole stock if I had stacks like that. 

Everyone in the store was extremely friendly, and upon leaving, every customer was given a pair of Puma earbuds (they include a microphone) and a copy of Casey Veggies latest album: “Life Changes.” Ever since I got the album, I have not stopped listening to it.

I did not meet Casey himself but got to make small talk with Anwar and Joshton who were each EXTREMELY friendly. It took every fiber of my being not to “fan out” in front of these guys because of how big of a fan of their work I am, but I have famous friends and did not want to be the butt of their jokes upon leaving the store. In retrospect, I wish I got talk to them a little bit more, but hopefully next time we cross paths (which will most likely be on Fairfax in LA over the summer, where I hibernate too) they will remember me and I will be able to ask them a few questions I’ve had for each of them for months now. Here is the link to the PNCINTL website. I would buy everything if I could.

Well anyway, the picture above is my 40 oz/ PNCINTL collab snapback. Easily my favorite of my collection.

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