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Earlier last month we introduced the Mister Chinos and got a...

By :Anwar Washington 0 comments
Earlier last month we introduced the Mister Chinos and got a...

Earlier last month we introduced the Mister Chinos and got a great response from them. We got so many requests for diferent colors/sizes that we couldn’t possibly keep up with all of that. We can’t possibly fulfill everyone’s wishes for all the colors and material combination’s that everyone wants. We do feel that we’ve found a suitable solution that will make everyone happy though (were hoping!).

Starting on October 1st, 2010 we are introducing the “Mister Custom Chino Program.” We are giving everyone the chance to pick from a certain set of materials and colors that we provide and make you your own custom pair of Chinos for $80. All we need is for you to provide us with your waist measurement and what inseam you would prefer. We will be individually inspecting each pair for quality control and your pants will arrive to your doorstep and the pants should be at your doorstep in 2 weeks.

This is of course, an ESTIMATED time. We will try our best though! This is of course your own pair of custom chinos made just for you, it will come with a card letting you know that we have inspected it.

When: October 1st, 2010 starting at 12AM midnight

How: First 5 (FIVE) people to paypal will be the first to get in on the program. All the rest will be on a waiting list.

Cost: $80

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