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classnumberten: (via



In February 2008, Edison Chen (aka EDC), a Canadian-born Hong Kong pop star/streetwear entrepreneur, was involved in a sex photo scandal - a series of his intimate photos with various female celebrities got distributed over the internet after a computer technician leaked them online.

While netizens were busily distributing the photos through email and forum, the scandal also led to the very first moral debate over celebrity privacy in China’s pre-social media era.

Before this, Chen was a cult figure to many Chinese youth who were born in 1980s and early 1990s - as he was possibly the only counter-hero icon in the Chinese entertainment industry for introducing hip hop music and street culture to the country’s mainstream.

After the photo scandal, Chen stepped away from Hong Kong entertainment industry due to overwhelming public pressure, and started focusing on his streetwear brand and more recently, art collections.

Almost eight years later after the photo scandal, VICE China follows EDC on a 19-day shoot, revealing his business routines, reminiscing his influences from hip hop music, and talking about the irony of stardom in Chinese showbiz.

After VICE aired this documentary in China, video view broke into 40MM in first week - people are showing full support to EDC, and no one’s blaming him for being a womaniser anymore - again, the irony.

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