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Bloodbath, @SoulAssassins, and Tradition have joined forces to...

By :Anwar Washington 0 comments
Bloodbath, @SoulAssassins, and Tradition have joined forces to...

Bloodbath, @SoulAssassins, and Tradition have joined forces to create the So(ul)ciety Collection.  This collection is based upon the concept of three forces joining together to create one larger being. The So(ul)ciety Collection is represented symbolically by an equilateral triangle denoting a Triad or an alliance dominated by three powerful elements.

The equilateral triangle is considered the most perfect of figures, and a representative of the great principle of animated existence.  Each side of the triangle refers a code in the brotherhood: That of The Blood, The Soul, and The Tradition.

The Blood symbolizes the moral order as well as the purification of the member of the alliance.

The Soul is the spiritual principle embodied in the members of the So(ul)ciety.  This Moral force will continue on into the after life.

The Tradition is the rituals and beliefs that are followed and passed down within this So(ul)ciety. These beliefs originated in the past and were transmitted through time by being taught by one generation to the next.

The equilateral triangle appears to have been adopted by nearly all the nations of antiquity as a symbol of the Deity.  This divine symbol, represents the indivisible force that have brought these three separate groups together to form one powerful entity. The symbolism of the triangle is also linked with the sacred number 3. Number three expresses all aspects of creation, including birth life and death, past present and future, mind body and soul, and man woman and child.

The So(ul)ciety collection represents the individual strength of the brands involved as well as the strength of three entities uniting for the greater good.

This collection will only be offered to hand selected group of accounts and will be available in May 2011.

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