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ashotofjackdaniels: -You should’ve known…when we did the Elevator...

By :Anwar Washington 0 comments
ashotofjackdaniels: -You should’ve known…when we did the Elevator...


-You should’ve known…when we did the Elevator Rap promo: ( ) that cARTer was coming. Coming with new material, a new project, a new movement. Indeed he is. After dropping a project last year with Legal Trappin cARTer took a little break but he’s back on the grind. In all honesty, I shouldn’t even be writing this right now, or putting this song out. He’ll probably get mad at me but, fuck it. I fuck with the song strong enough, to not care. I believe in his project, his sound, and his artistry to not give a fuck. The people need to hear it. The streets need to hear it. Juiceman ? Flocka ? Travis Porter ? Eh, all those dudes…I can’t compare cARTer to them…flat out, he’s better. He told me NOT to leak this but, technically I’m not. Savvy enough individuals will figure out a way to steal it but, most people won’t. That’s a great barometer though. If people need to steal your music before it comes out, that lets you know you’re doing something right. I understand dropping projects, and timelines, and release dates, and timing, etc…blah blah blah, all that…I get it. But this isn’t going to hurt. This’ll help. He’s going in on this…and I think we can thank Monster Yori for the beat. Anyway here it is, cARTer “Catching Feelings”, off that new CARTER100…coming soon.

Follow his Twitter: @STAYDOWNFOREVER and check out his website:

Carter…if you somehow see this and read this, sorry bro…I’ll never do it again LOL.

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