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ashotofjackdaniels: -I was talking to @AnwarCarrots the other day...

By :Anwar Washington 0 comments
ashotofjackdaniels: -I was talking to @AnwarCarrots the other day...


-I was talking to @AnwarCarrots the other day about T.I.’s new album (mixtape), and how it was better than Rick Ross’ and Young Jeezy’s newest works…and Anwar said I was buggin. Now, while Jeezy and Rick Ross didn’t put out wack projects, I think I liked T.I.’s a little more because, I wanted to see if he still had it. If he could come out of prison and still kill some shit. And he did. Some of the production on there is insane, while Ross and Jeezy kinda stayed in their lane, true to what they do. TIP was giving the audience different looks, growing up so to speak. Funny thing is, I told Anwar when we got off the phone, I’d listen to Ross’ shit some more. So far so good, I’m kinda stuck on this BMF song he has, but on the whole…it’s solid. All the way through. It might actually be growing on me, and I love when music does that. When a project gets better, every listen…you know you’re on to something. Albert Anastasia is doing that, and this video for Money Maker simply took a song I had on repeat for 3 days and made me like it even more. Wait, I’m kinda stuck on two songs…I don’t know if the whole project is getting better anymore. LOL. That’s the beauty of music, it causes different emotions at different times. I don’t know, I’m not 100% sold on the guy, partially due to his past, his story, his bio…I dunno. Speaking of Rick Ross…

fuck the judge!

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