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Anwar Carrots “Carrot Field: Pick, Pack & Shipped” is a new showcase from Anwar Carrots that will open at Scion AV Installation in Los Angeles on March 28, 2015, with an event going from 7pm to 10pm. If you want to attend, you must RSVP.

The exhibition will feature products available for purchase, including items from the Carrots capsule collection, which features original artwork by SLVSTR; Pixote; Stella Blu; Tyler, The Creator; and Hairy Fools. Plus there’s limited edition collaboration with Freeminds, Born x Raised, U.S. Alteration, Dertbag and Midnight Studios.

We had Anwar Carrots answer some questions about “Carrot Field: Pick, Pack & Shipped” to give some background.
Here are his answars…

What’s the concept for the show?

The concept of the show is a carrot field—pick, pack and shipped to the Scion AV Installation space. My whole thought process behind the show was showing the parallels between farming and fashion, as they mirror each other in many respects. Since this is the debut of my new venture I felt that the concept should display where I am today: a small-scale farmer bringing product to market. However, I see the “carrot field” growing in the next three to five years to a system of large scale global distribution and product management. I am a huge believer in what you put into the universe will come back to you, so why not think huge. I was put onto this Earth to see how far I can go in life.

Is there an item in the exhibition you’re most excited about?

The Carrot Field x Ebbets Field crew jacket. I am a big fan of Seattle’s own Ebbets Field, from their varsity jackets to their crew jackets. I first got introduced to the company a few years ago and always wanted to own a piece, so for me to collaborate with them on a crew jacket is like a dream come true.

Is there an item that you think best represents what you’re trying to do with your career and put out into the world?

I feel that the varsity pillow best represents where I am going with my career. I always envisioned myself as Martha Stewart meets Nigo. I want to make essential goods, home goods and just all around good product from my perspective. The pillow to me is just a crawl before you walk process, like Chandler Easley would say to me.

Do you have a favorite previous exhibition you saw at the Scion AV Installation space?

My favorite as far as an exhibition would have to be Hood By Air.

How did you choose the artists and collaborators you worked with on the show?

The artist that I chose are all close friends to me and I just wanted to share my platform with great people. I am also a fan of everyone I collaborated with. If you do not know them, this is your chance to get to know who they are and what they do.

Have you worked with most of these people before or is this largely the first time you’re doing something together?

I have worked with 50% before, the other half will be a brand new experience!

Is there an artist or collaborator involved in the show that you’re particularly excited for the world to know more about?

Yes, Stella Blu.

What’s your concept for how you want the space to look?

The concept is a carrot field. In an ideal world I would have the space filled with carrot rows and furrow to capture the exact feel.

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