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"5th Column III [There will be blood] will be hitting a city near you this week.. LA-BAY AREA-TRI..."

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5th Column III [There will be blood] will be hitting a city near you this week.. LA-BAY AREA-TRI STATE as well as premium online accounts including Digital Gravel on tues.

5th Column Store Front is open now…

Our stock is dwindling fast; expect a refill of [Blood Flea] this week as well, before we move to
5th Column IV. Here’s a title set up, to dance around in your heads.

5th Column IV [Reign of Terror]

I. Deth to Liberty

Both France and the United States have gone through revolutions that drastically changed the way they operated as countries. America sought to release itself from British rule, while the French wanted to overthrow their monarchy and give the power to the people. Even though the revolutions seemed to have common objectives such as setting up a republic and releasing themselves from royalty, in execution and result they were extremely different. This was largely because of the philosophical and religious views of those involved, and in the colonies case the influence of the Glorious Revolution.

II. WTC: Remembrance

The World Trade Center has been part of my life from the day I was born. Growing up in South Brooklyn, the towers stood outside my window, blocking my view north and shading my street from the sun during the afternoon. I ate at ‘windows on the world’ with my family often, and my mother worked in tower 2 for 13 years. She was sitting at her desk when a bomb was detonated in the parking garage in 1993; and was just getting to work on the morning of September 11th. She watched both planes hit each of the towers, as I was stuck in a JFK bound Delta flight circling the city at 9:40am. This is not a shirt about 9/11. It’s a dedication to the World Trade Center and what they stood for, a remembrance and a memorial for the lives lost and for what two structures symbolized to the world. America.

III: Fascism: George L. Jackson

Following up Malcolm X, and a continuation of the 'Blood in my eye’ series I started at Rogue Status is the next chapter to George Jackson’s pamphlet on warfare and american society. George Jackson, was the only real revolutionary of the civil rights movement in my opinion and endured the most severe treatment out of any of the black revolutionaries of his time. His life spent in prison, writing and teaching his fellow activists on the outside. He started both the BGF (Black Guerrilla Family) & The Vanguard Party, and was the true spiritual and military leader of the Black panther party. George Jackson was framed, railroaded and subsquently murdered in prison. His last words, when storming a guard room in an attempt to break out of prison were: 'The dragon has come.“ Check the Bob Dylan song 'George Jackson’:

"Prison guards, they cursed him
As they watched him from above
But they were frightened of his power
They were scared of his love.
Lord, Lord,
So they cut George Jackson down.
Lord, Lord,
They laid him in the ground.”

and Public Enemy’s 'Black Steel in the hour of chaos’ all related to Brother George. There is so much more.. Do some research he may influence and teach you as well.

IV: 5th Column X Colasa [Christ is an Illusion]

Colasa is friend and artist from Taiwan I’ve known for years. When I brought up working together he was down. A few days later I recieved some art work and I was floored. He’s got an original style to his art and an honesty in his photography I really admire. He understands 5th Column and the colab was a perfect fit.
Check out some of his work here.

Vampire graff©o

More to come.

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