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Angel Nieves one half of NY/LA based brand DEADLINE LTD. For our second “5 questions with” I reached out to Angel in order to get a closer look at the man behind the line that is making plenty noise in the streets. Not only good people Angel is a Boricua excelling and making our people proud, adelante caballero!

1. Why did you choose the ñame DEADLINE for your brand? The name Deadline came from us getting closer to the deadline of coming up with a name for our brand in which we were ready to introduce to the world.

2. What things can fans of the brand expect from Deadline in the near future? Fire,heat,bangers real street,hood,ghetto type shit, see alot of these other brands claim to be street but were never really involved with the streets so its all he say she say, with us its all 1st hand experience not 2nd or 3rd party information, we cater to the real.

3. what artist are currently in your iphone?
Artists on my phone i listen to when taking the train or walking a distance: Cam’ron/Vado, Fabolous, Max B, The LOX, CNN, Wu-Tang, B.I.G, PAC, Joell Ortiz, Shyne, T.I., and Jeezy…

4. Yankees or Mets?
I’m actually working on a tee that goes “we got daGiants daJets/daYankees daMets/daKnicks daNets, & Pits4Pets” so in other words i’m an all around NY fan and LA gets love too that’s my 2nd home.

5. Favorite PR dish?
Man there’s a grip of them i love like Pasteles, Alcapurrias, Flang De Leche, Pastelillos, Arroz con Gandules y Pollo al Horno or Pernil al Horno, Coquito’s man i can go on forever my Grandma is my top chef she has ancient top secret Puerto Rican recipe’s that i would kill and die for…

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