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3rdeye: Being from New York how has the experience of living in...

By :Anwar Washington 0 comments
3rdeye: Being from New York how has the experience of living in...

3rdeye: Being from New York how has the experience of living in Los Angeles effected your views?

Curt@!ns:Man people ask me that all the time, the only thing I can say about LA is it keeps me focused and calm. New York is a fireball of a place, its action on every corner and easy distractions. In LA you get to concentrate more and really zero in on what your tryna get accomplished.

3rdeye:Your know for fashion, whats your thoughts on the current state of fashion and design?

Curt@!ns:I think the current state of fashion/design is brilliant. Were in a “Do it Yourself” time right now, individuality is really front and center in the world of fashion. Many of these top fashion houses are scaling back from focusing on selling and taking it back to focusing on heritage and timeless branding. I think the early 90′s boom spoiled everyone and creativity got removed from the ateliers and replaced with the corporate stamp. The recession is bringing back that hunger.

3rdeye:Fashion and self expression isn’t totally accepted in hip hop or the black community. Has that effected you at all?

Curt@!ns:Nah. I’ve never really been too afraid to express myself in any shape form or fashion. Even if I was you’d never know. I just “do me” as they say, I think when people see confidence behind something it makes it acceptable. A confident attitude can erase all prejudices and stereotypes. Now I’ve had people make lil comments here and there bout some fashion choices I’ve made, but them same folks come back to me 6 months later like “man I didn’t get it then but I understand it now” that’s happened to me a lot. I don’t mind any of that tho, I stick to my own program.

3rdeye: Has the state of the economy effected your art form?

Curt@!ns:Nah I think its affected my audience. When everything going good in the world and everybody prosperous, don’t nobody wanna hear bout no “Black Folks” or half the other shit I be rapping bout. Hard times call for upliftment, people wanna be informed, they are looking for direction. Not saying I got the answer, but I see the difference in how my music is received with the economic downturn.

3rdeye:Tell me about your Free World brand and its visions.

Curt@!ns:Free World is a mentality, its my mentality. Free will, free spirited, freedom of speech, free your mind, free yourself from mental slavery. That’s what its all about. I’m just tryna get kids to let loose of the restraints society has placed on them and just go out and build their own destiny. One thing that kills me is seeing someone with so much potential not push themselves to the max because of what society tells them is acceptable or expected. Fuck what society says, you can do/be anything you can imagine and that can’t be imagined, you just gotta tell yourself its possible and go for it. Boundaries are mental, I’m tryna remove those blocks.

3rdeye:Lets Talk Branding where do you see the brand of curtains in future. What type of projects do you foresee.

Curt@!ns:I see me being a public figure in the music/fashion realm for 8 or so years then I want to fade to obscurity and really pull strings from behind the curtains so to speak and do some passion projects still pushing my agenda.

3rdeye: Who inspires you in the art world?

Curt@!ns:Keith Haring is my favorite of all time, hands down. I love pop art but I equally love surrealism and european contemporary art. If I had to go for names I’d say Keith Haring and Michaelangelo. I’m new to the whole Tim Burton world but his art is easily some of my favorite stuff I’ve seen in forever.

3rdeye:If you had the ability to make your dream song, who would you have produce,featured, and do cover art for it?

Curt@!ns: Nice. I’d have Kanye produce it with Rza on co-production. Have Brandon Flowers from The Killers on the hook and have Stan Lee cook something up for the cover. That’ll be super ill.

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