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100kgold: 1.Your Name? Tony Kim 2.Where are You From, has it...

By :Anwar Washington 0 comments
100kgold: 1.Your Name? Tony Kim 2.Where are You From, has it...


1.Your Name? Tony Kim

2.Where are You From, has it influenced you at all?I’m from Diamond Bar a suburbia town 20 mins east of LA. Theres not much influence out there, just things to look up to like, huge mansions and shit. Its good though I work in the city and come home to peace and quiet in the suburbs. Its a good balance

3.What Do you do?Currently Manage the Diamond Supply Co Flagship Store on Fairfax, Be a good son, and good friend

4.How do you do it?Working on Fairfax is chill, sometimes its too relaxed,and you gotta keep your self busy at all times.

5.Who do you do it with (can be your,”associates,homies,etc”, if any yourself if none)?As far as working @ the store its Me,Sagan,Jared (Sherbert the Pervert) and John. Theres too many to name for all the folks that come through the block. ODD FUTURE, Arrogant Veggies fam, GrindTime fam, Diamond Familia, BLVCK OPS, SUPREME HOMIES, HALL OF FAME, and i cant forget about my hometown homies KSB brotherhood for life.

6.What does your art mean to you and what message would you like to get across to your viewer?Im not really an artist, but art means everything to me, Its just the best form of expression.

7.Anything special happen in the last year to you(brand etc.)?Everything kinda happend in a whirlwind last year. Too many blessings to remember them all. Everyday is a blessing.

8.How do you feel about being where you at your age? I see my homies who are younger than me come up, and older homies comeup too. Its humbling and also very inspirational. To see my OF brothers come up this big is CRAZY. To see Casey & ANwar and Josh kill it with their Arrogant veggies shit its craze. To see my homie Carlos (SolexLife) Runnin shit its craze. none of this could happen if we didnt work hard though. Its important to surround your self with people who work hard.

9.Have some of your dreams come true yet?Being out here workin @ Diamond meeting people, building friend ships is a dream come true. In 06 i got introduced to all this “FAIRFAX” shit, was hella active on the forums camped out 12 hours for tee released @ Diamond, and to say that I manage the store is just Crazy. I owe it all to my big brother figures in my life for guiding me and helping me be where i am now. Shout out to Nick Diamond aka Uncle Nick, Joey Hafner, Uncle Mega (black-scale), and Benny Gold! yall influence me.

Thannnks for the time, anything else you want to speak upon? Shout out to every kid in the suburbs who feel like they are stuck in a bubble. Go out there and do something. Fuck sitting around @ home and shit. And stop spending your parents Money, and wasting life. oh and Shoutout to the Irvine Girls, and Sam,John,Dennis,Wookie,anthony. YAFAGGOTS

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