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100kgold: 1.Your Name? Mike Reese’ 2.Where are You From, has it...

By :Anwar Washington 0 comments
100kgold: 1.Your Name? Mike Reese’ 2.Where are You From, has it...


1.Your Name? Mike Reese’

2.Where are You From, has it influenced you at all? Burnside, Los Angeles. The social climate more than the city climate influences my thoughts.

3.What Do you do? Besides the best indie album covers, Product design/graphic design

4.How do you do it? A cup of tea, Marvin Gaye “Save The Children”, an idea, a sketch, a scan, from there its four-play.

5.Who do you do it with (can be your,”associates,homies,etc”, if any yourself if none)? I’m currently doing it with Japan and China. It’s a war, those are my allies.

6.What does your art mean to you and what message would you like to get across to your viewer? The process of coming up with an idea and transcending it to something of quality is worth the world. There’s always a place for a person with an expressive idea, thats why knowledge is such a weapon. I’m not an advertiser, so I’m not simulating or romanticizing, I’m just making shit that’s relative and that will sustain past my existence.

7.Anything special happen in the last year to you(brand etc.)? My work has taken me to China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan so far this year. I know dudes that haven’t been to venice beach, so with that said, I guess my opportunities and recent accomplishments speak for themselves.

8.How do you feel about being where you at your age? Unsatisfied. I never scale where I’m at according to my age, never have, never will. In my field its about your work, not your age. So if its not hot, its not hot. If it is, you just beat out a guy that’s 20 years older than you, Congratulations. However, being in a position to exceed is satisfying. I want more kids to look at figures they respect and be like “I can do that shit better than him, he’s wack”, thats how the leader is bred.

9.Have some of your dreams come true yet? I’m dreaming out loud. Internalizing a dream, storing it or locking it away for a rainy day, you can jade or lose it, but if your always acting upon your dreams, your living it right? I don’t know, I’m asking.

Thannnks for the time, anything else you want to speak upon?”HAIL THE YOUTH, we can breed a powerful generation with love and truth.Once you find yourself in another civilization, you’re forced to examine your own.”

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