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100kgold: 1.Your Name?Joshton Peas, Ain’t Shit Funny 2.Where are...

By :Anwar Washington 0 comments
100kgold: 1.Your Name?Joshton Peas, Ain’t Shit Funny 2.Where are...


1.Your Name?Joshton Peas, Ain’t Shit Funny

2.Where are You From, has it influenced you at all? Inglewood, Los Angeles County, CA Inglewood taught me how to hustle. Los Angeles taught me where the money is.

3.What Do you do? I create. My creations range from marketing plans to songs to swag. My focal point is journalism and literature.

4.How do you do it? I create. I listen and live life, which creates experiences that I use to produce art.

5.Who do you do it with (can be your,”associates,homies,etc”, if any yourself if none)? Peas and Carrots is the brand. Arrogant Veggies is the crew. Casey Veggies is the star.

6.What does your art mean to you and what message would you like to get across to your viewer? My art means everything to me, because my art is my life. Everything I do creatively is a piece of me, i am offering to the world.

7.Anything special happen in the last year to you(brand etc.)? I’m not one for bragging, so I won’t say anything specific that has happen in the last year. If any reader wants to know, check our sites. We out here. What I will say is that everything has been steady positive progress since 2006 and I hope to continue that trend.

8.How do you feel about being where you at your age? Right now at this moment, I feel like I’m in a great place. I’m not dead or in jail. I’m growing into a young black man with morals, values, and principles. There isn’t too many of those men out here, so I know I’m on the right track.

9.Have some of your dreams come true yet? No and I thank the lord for that, because my dreams are too wild for reality. I have reached many of the goals I have set for my team and I.

Thannnks for the time, anything else you want to speak upon? I just wanna thank Toussaint Maupin for the inspiration. i don’t say it enough but my friends inspire me to do what I do. Look out for Casey Veggies’ Sleepin In Class project, next month. Look out for to launch soon with some wavy content. And remember Ain’t Shit Funny

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