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100kgold: 1.Your Name? Glen Marrero 2.Where are You From, has it...

By :Anwar Washington 0 comments
100kgold: 1.Your Name? Glen Marrero 2.Where are You From, has it...


1.Your Name?  Glen Marrero  
2.Where are You From, has it influenced you at all? I was born in New Orleans but raised in Los Angeles all of my life. I would say Im universally influenced. Im really influenced thru learning, creating and living life. 
3.What Do you do? Im creative Director Of Last Kings. A new brand designed by myself and Tyga
4.How do you do it? Never being satisfied, a lot of work, a lot of studying, having real love and passion for what you do, a mac book pro, and stupid swag.
5.Who do you do it with (can be your,”associates,homies,etc”, if any yourself if none)? Beside Last Kings (TYGA TRELL DJSB) the only people outside of that are my brotha from anotha Bailey and my mentors Taz Arnold, Chris Gibbs. I got a lot of knowledge from them. 
6.What does your art mean to you and what message would you like to get across to your viewer? Anything can be art as long as it expresses a emotion or sends a message. Art is everything if you think about it enough,even things that aren’t tangible. With my art I always want to make a symbol instead of just a graphic or a picture. Symbolism is everything. There is nothing that I’ll do that doesnt have a meaning deeper than the surface level. My art evolves as the viewer gets deeper into knowledge itself. As you come into a a deeper understanding of the true Knowledge systems you’ll gain a new understanding of the same piece that you thought you totally understood before.  Symbolism is true swag.
7.Anything special happen in the last year to you(brand etc.)?   Building the Last Kings Empire has been really exciting. We have a lot of major looks coming up which is a beautiful thing but being able to expand into non profit work bring back arts into urban schools is one of the most exciting situation for me personally. Its just a matter of time now 2011 is look very promising
8.How do you feel about being where you at your age? Hmmm a bit disappointed only because I could have been doing this same thing at a younger age. I didnt really take advantage of my roll in the growth of “Fairfax”. I would def recommended the younger dude take advantage and set up there own business asap. But everything comes in due time and today is perfect. 
9.Have some of your dreams come true yet? No I dont think I ever will. Im a work in progress. Forever evolving. As life goes on these dreams become reality and a new vision has to come. The day you stop realize your dreams you stop dreaming and if your not still dreaming your dead. Ill stop dreaming with I stop existing I guess.
 Thannnks for the time, anything else you want to speak upon? Last Kings Coming soon, Careless World Album coming soon go and download Well Done Mixtape 
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